Thursday, December 26, 2013

Grocery Stores Delivery

Home delivery
Youngambo is a same-day grocery delivery service. We connect you with tons of merchants in the recipients area who pack and deliver your groceries, so you don’t have to ship overseas! So visit your favorite local Stores online and get home delivery or pick-up in hours!
Youngambo is a collection physical grocery delivery stores in the USA and the Caribbean that is expanding everyday. Youngambo customers are the Caribbean diaspora who want to quickly order food that can be delivered to their friends and family overseas and make it a quick and simpler process.
If Youngambo can grow its customers list in an inexpensive way, and effectively bring solutions to the barrel shipping diaspora,  I can see it being a popular business. Also, customers would be more than willing to buy more total items – thus increasing Youngambo's revenue.  When you buy only what your friends need for the day, and keep it constant,  you will spend less for shipping barrels overseas. Youngambo likes that.
But in the first few months of YoungAmbo’s arrival on the scene, it is already serving a large Caribbean diaspora community than most. That’s good news for Youngambo as Jamaica is its first market outside of the smaller St. Vincent and the Grenadines Area.

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